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We're working with enterprises to future proof their talent

Our platform is based on three principles:

We empower users to own their development. People learn better when they are free to explore the skills they need for the future and decide how they want to learn them.

By empowering your employees, we'll help you create a culture of learning that's ready for the future.

We guide users in their development. We've curated the best learning resources irrespective of format or price, so that people can choose how to learn from providers we trust.

We help employees through shifts in their career so that they can navigate the future of work.

We support users throughout so that they don't get stuck. Our tools encourage people to make time for learning and actually apply it at work. Our personal development plans encourage employees and companies think about longer-term development.

We also handle all the boring stuff: booking, purchasing and invoicing — your people's development is what matters, not the logistics.

A simpler payments and approval workflow

Streamline the process of buying classes, conferences, books and online courses for your people. Approve and track what your team members need and are learning with our management tools and analytics dashboard. We’ll purchase your team’s requests, contact providers and work out any headaches so that your people can focus on what's important — their personal development.

Curated content you can trust

Stop your people from wasting time looking for what they need to learn. We've curated the best learning, free and paid, including online courses, articles, in-person workshops and conferences from our favourite providers. It's powered by the recommendations of experts and peers, including Renaud Visage (CTO of Eventbrite), Tom Knox (Executive Partner at MullenLowe), and Stephan Thoma (former Global Head of Learning and Development at Google).

Display the value of L&D

Impact and ROI needs to drive any learning and development strategy. Personal development planning linked to business goals helps employees and businesses guide their long-term development. We want to understand your company’s most important priorities and build a strong learning culture to achieve your goals.

I tell my students that they should get good not only at learning how to use tools, but also that they should drop them as soon as they realise the world has moved on. It's vital to get used to the fact that you won't be doing whatever you're doing today in five years time. Your success will be defined by how quickly you can adapt.

From our interview with Matt Cooper-Wright, Senior Design Lead at IDEO

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